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Vis de august - expozitie personala la Galeria Hangar, Cluj

   “Vis de august” reprezinta un moment de cotitura in viata mea, un punct din care totul renaste si capata o alta dimensiune. Reflexia lui este surprinsa de aceasta serie noua de lucrari, care ilustreaza intr-un mod simplu natura surprinsa prin filtrul sufletului meu. Rezonanta linistii si a frumosului natural din peregrinarile mele pe rauri si ape de munte a creat un peisaj ale carui curgeri de apa ma duc cu gandul inspre armonie si atemporalitate. Visul de august va ramane in sufletul meu ca un izvor nesecat de  lumina, caldura si dragoste.

Claudiu, noiembrie 2012

Umbre de vara | ulei pe panza | 80 x 60 cm | 2012


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Watermark @ Artfooly, the Slice of Art Gallery - Bucharest 2015

Bucharest 2015
Painter Claudiu Presecan was born in Cluj in 1969, where he lives and works. It was also in Cluj that he graduated from the “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of visual arts, obtained his Master’s Degree and PhD in visual arts. Claudiu has an impressive exhibition portfolio, as well as numerous national and international grants and awards. Claudiu Presecan is in love with nature, a passionate fly-fisherman, and a supporter of environmental protection. Above all, he is a painter with a preference for the abstract, who often paints in plein-air and who transfers nature onto his canvases in his own manner, which seduces through color and brushstrokes. Out of all the elements, water is the one that influences him the most, materializing in spectacular works. Claudiu uses his brush to lay traces, shades and surprising visual effects on water surfaces, a style which has become the artist’s personal mark. “Watermark”, the summer show at Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery brings to the pu…

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Self-portrait with a fish!

soft pastels on paper / 100 x 70 cm / 2015

Working in Danube Delta