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The Magic River

“The Magic River” represents a series of impressions and chromatic sketches, a spiritual stop-over near the mountain rivers close to me. Flickers of light, color spots, shadows and reflections, streams or water stillness, they all stand in my soul for vivid and colorful expressions of the river, a state of eternal harmony and unspoiled beauty.
The paintings are an essay of transposing the river and its flow on canvas, in its primary essence as a symbol of life, describing the thrill and animated movement that it embodies.

Tha exhibition starts December 3, at Napoca 15, in Cluj-Napoca

Magic river | oil on canvas | 100 x 70 cm | 2013

The magic pool

Women in Blue

I have just discovered an old painting of mine made in the ’90s and I remembered the wonderful time I had at the Art Academy studio, with colleagues and friends.

Women in Blue, oil on canvas, 80 x 50 cm, 1990

Dreaming of Summer Fly Fishing in Buzau

Whenever I return from Buzau to Cluj, I pass by this magical place on Buzau river, a great place for fly fishing, I believe! I hope this summer I will find the time to catch some fish there...