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Se afișează postări din noiembrie, 2009

A place called Normality

Nowadays in Romania, when politicians are like hunting dogs (because we have the presidential elections), I found a special place. I found normality in a small province town called Turda. Today I visited Ratiu Foundation and I spoke to Indrei Ratiu (son of the memorable Romanian politician Ion Ratiu) about their activity. I found the same sane working atmosphere as in Soros Foundation fifteen years ago. I heard about some not-for profit things, values almost forgotten by our society in this hunger for survival or money: democracy, services for community and so on… I found there an inner space, peacefull and kept away from the noise of the town, a place where one can find culture, civilization and education. And what’s the most important, there are young people, students and volunteers who learn behaviours associated to the practice of democracy… Glad to see this in our own area! Good work and keep walking!

Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation
Ratiu Center for Democracy

Another special pl…

a path on water

I thought about paths on water and this is the first drawing, from a new series which will follow "traces on water".

Checkout [ART]

I just come back from Austria where I had an exhibition in Graz. I had several discussions concerning art market with different artists and curators, what makes art rise in a community or a city… all the individual efforts are quite good, for instance there is now in Cluj a new cultural centre in an old brush factory, but without the implication of the government there aren’t many chances for a solid cultural and artistic movement or market. I found this article, sustaining the same idea, about Berlin and how the German government supports art and culture, “ making Berlin the largest gallery location in Europe” in Checkout [ART], a very good dialogue about contemporary art, “what artists are doing, what galleries are exhibiting, what collectors are putting in their homes and offices”