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two sides of the same path

the basic source, a little bit far away from the Danube Delta, still... and my own point of view ... same lines but different styles

"Peisajul - stare de spirit si expresie"

My doctorate thesis is the result of a long creation period where
nature, the landscape had influenced my personal creation style. It
also represents the corollary of a programmatically developed
activity, ever since finishing the academic studies and until today.
The matter of the landscape as a state of mind is a very vast domain
in essence. This work represents a synthesis of my artistic and
expression research of the last years.
The theme of the doctorate thesis is a development and a
continuation of the licentiate’s degree work, implicitly of the postgraduate
studies, with a subject which fascinates me and
communicates new ways of plastic expression. The essential
motivation of choosing this analysis theme comes from my belief on
the force of expression of the landscape, the simple message of
nature and its echo in our souls, the state of mind conveyed by the
landscape (whether on a macro or micro level), as well as from the
necessity of recognizing the decisive role of the impressionist and

the last snow this winter, I hope

yesterday evening it started to snow, it was an incredible amount of snow in such a short time...yesterday morning was a normal day of March without any white spot and this morning, just look down, the incredible nature...and the little crocus is so full of life, isn't it?

firavele branduse primavaratice acoperite de zapada mieilor, hi hi...

spring? where? in my soul...

where is the spring..? still snowing over my little crocuses
From Presecan's soul touch


se dezgheata iazul... vine primavara...

a couple of oldies but goldies

I have recently discovered in my garage some of my old paintings, from the '90s... They have been exhibited in my first solo show at the Universitary Library Art Gallery, here they are...

Field / oil on canvas / 50 x 40 cm / 1991

Landscape at Salciua / oil on canvas / 50 x 40 cm / 1991