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noroc bun, 2009!!

I want to share with you some thoughts which were in fact the foreward to my catalogue entitled "Traces on Water" . The catalogue was printed in the summer of '08 , with the generous support of my good friend, Radu Taica...

The artist himself is nature, as Paul Klee said, a statement equally simple and true. Everything is expressed and derives from the observation of nature, of certain ideas or impressions, experiences or revelations absorbed from nature.My motivation is strictly pictorial; it is the art of transforming a landscape into a wonderful state of mind. The landscape and nature have surrounded me ever since I was a child, they provided me the joy of a deep and true experience and I have always felt connected to the clear atmosphere of the marks of my own memory, rooted in my own space. Abstraction, expression or impression, they all represent the same motif: nature displayed through landscape. Nature is, in my opinion, a foundation for the com…