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Tocmai ce-am descoperit din intamplare acest blog pe care l-am parcurs cu vadita placere ... autoportrete ale artistilor romani din toate vremurile... Intr-un fel pot spune un minicurs al istoriei artei romanesti in imagini, prin aceste autoreprezentari. Un proiect al unui iubitor de arta care arata multa pasiune si care merita urmarit, frumos!

It's good to be King ... Jack

Water Willow

Water Willow / oil on canvas / 80 x 80 cm / 2011

old stuff

I scanned some old photos, which I took 20 years ago ('85-'87). Unfortunately the only choice available back in those communist times were black & white negatives and I don’t have any coloured photos of those paintings (nor the paintings anymore, for that matter). The only coloured pictures I have from that period are these, posted on my blog last year. It’s a pleasure to look at them now, after all this time.

Me with my drawing pad, making sketches in the mountains (1984)