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Happy Holidays!

December on Somesul Cald River

It took only five nights for the river to freeze down at Doda Pilii, after our last trip there...

Winter is almost here...

On November 29, it was the second time I went on the same river, Somesul Cald, as I did a week before, on a beautiful, yet cold fall day (see previous post's pictures)...with memories and passion of the last moments spent on the water this year in my mind... Together with my friends, we found a frozen atmosphere, the weather was much colder than the last time, snow on the mountains and ice on the river banks. But the day was unforgettable! A timeless day... only us, the water, the fishes and Mother Nature! 

Many thanks to Paul Rus who took some great shots with me in the river!

Somesul Cald – a sunny end of fishing season

Montreux Art Gallery - Salon d'Art Contemporain, 9ème édition

For those of you who have the time or are in the Swiss area and wish to see my newest paitings in original, they are displayed between 6-10 November in Montreux. I would be glad to see you there:

Râul - The River

Râul | acrilic pe hârtie | 90 x 72 cm | 2013
The River | acrylic on paper | 90 x 72 cm | 2013

The River

The River | oil on canvas | 70 x 70 cm | 2013

Grasshoppers on the river bank in a rainy day