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Easter Time!

A time for reflection... Happy Easter !!!
"Tomb", oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 1991
artworks in my garden, 1991

Quadro 6, Spring Auction

Quadro 6, Spring Auction - Tuesday, April 12, 18:00
CityPlazaHotel,9-13 Sindicatelor Street,Cluj-NapocaQuadro Gallery – Art Auction Exhibition: March 31-April 10, open every day, between 11.00 -18.00, 2-4 Napoca St, 1st floor, apt. 64.The selection of 94 works comprises masterpieces created by: Ács Ferenc, Adam Bălţatu, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Aurel Ciupe, Nicolae Enea, Miklóssy Gábor, François Gall, Nagy Imre, Nagy István, Ion Pacea, Theodor Pallady, Iulius Podlipny, Aurel Popp, Nicolae Vermont, Arthur Verona, etc..The auction catalogue, with high-quality reproductions can be purchased at Quadro Gallery or could be consulted directly on the Auction House’s website. One of my recent works, entitled Path over Lake (oil on canvas / 120 x 50 cm / 2010) is also included in this auction, you can find it here at no. 59

An Abstract Monet

A personal view of the art critic and the co-founder of, Claudia Moscovici, about my latest series of works, on her art blog on Fineartebooks's Blog. An Abstract Monet: the Post-impressionist art of Claudiu Presecan