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I want to share with you some thoughts which were in fact the foreward to my catalogue entitled "Traces on Water" . The catalogue was printed in the summer of '08 , with the generous support of my good friend, Radu Taica...

The artist himself is nature, as Paul Klee said, a statement equally simple and true. Everything is expressed and derives from the observation of nature, of certain ideas or impressions, experiences or revelations absorbed from nature.

My motivation is strictly pictorial; it is the art of transforming a landscape into a wonderful state of mind. The landscape and nature have surrounded me ever since I was a child, they provided me the joy of a deep and true experience and I have always felt connected to the clear atmosphere of the marks of my own memory, rooted in my own space. Abstraction, expression or impression, they all represent the same motif: nature displayed through landscape. Nature is, in my opinion, a foundation for the comfort of my soul, for reverie, calm and faith.

The space considered as a whole, yet fragmented at the same time, the compositional open space towards the exterior of the canvas form a concept vision which has always accompanied me in my creation. The artist is constrained to “close” the painting because of the two-dimensional character of the canvas and the frame “closure”. Hence results the idea of leaving the painted surface compositionally “open”, like a game of puzzle. This approach of the pictorial has programmatically led to a complete series of works between 2001-2004, having as subject water, the reflexes and the solar light mirrored onto it, culminating with the exhibitions of 2005, 2007, where the aquatic theme returns uncompromisingly and it represents the inherent demarche, from the lake fragment to investigating the delta as a universe. It is a post-modern world of the delta. I have particularly investigated in these works the line as a way of expression and I have approached the reed as a main subject. The reed remains however a recognizable fragment, inherent to the delta, aspiring towards a specific emotional state. The abstraction of the reed becomes a motif in itself, becoming predominant by repetition, in almost all of the works which represent water. The drawing tends here to become more representative and important in the evolution of the main theme and I try to render the image of an atmospheric motion of light and shadow on an invisible surface, the one of the tracing paper. The touches may have directions similar to the reality but they may also become concurrent or doubled by large touches.

“The reeds“ in acryl on paper and those painted by the reed itself represent graphical elements and through their mixture they render the transparency of water, of the reflexes on its surface, or the undulation of the reeds in the wind. I introduce the linear and strong trace of black conté, close to the graphics, as a compositional element, in order to enhance the expression of movement. Short or wide gestures where I use the carbon black on the vivid colour of acryl define various force fields, the atmosphere of a sky, a cloud or the air, the force of the simple yet energetic nature.

The reed is explicated by drawing, an abstract design minimized only through a few forceful lines. The line is perceived, in this sense, as a background expression of life, of the simple yet everlasting energy, of perpetual movements of life essence. The shape of the reed, its trace line figured on the water surface, on the sky, its reiteration to the infinite, all these define an interior state of mind, an expression I intend to be strong or soft, depending on the intrinsic energy of a certain display or detail of nature.

The delta makes this universe so complex and unique, it is perceived as a twinning of the three primary elements of this world: earth, water and sky (the air – in essence the light).The special light and the rich vegetation create a strong impression and they make me feel the urge of representing the delta plastically.

I have discovered these “Traces on water” after the long trips on the side channels of the Delta, it is a show merely called in one word “Nature”. It is a grandiose show to see the fusion of the aquatic universe with the vegetal and aerial one and their completion through the richness of the light reflected in many ways. I have watched closely this mirage and the result consisted in the painting which gave the title for an entire cycle: “Traces on water”. I have prepared the tracing paper with flax oil, so that the acryl flows onto it. I have reversed it for the viewer when it was displayed in frame, in order to confer it the depth additionally obtained with the help of the paper transparency, as well as to preserve the neatness, similar to the glossiness of water.

A lot of works are created on tracing paper, the technique of tint drawing, of successive superpositions of transparent colours; it is an experience practiced in order to better display these reflections, undulations of water and reeds. I try to create the same effect of water reflections in oil paintings, through the juxtaposition of colours. Nature remains, however, the main model in all these exercises.

The cycle “Traces on water” remains in fact a study upon nature, on a corner of the delta and it is a new stop of my latest research; the spot, the point are mainly replaced by the suggestive power of the line this time. The works reflect a personal expression in front of the regenerative and vivid power of water, in front of this border between two realities, two mediums, water and earth, a natural universe which we can see everywhere in our vicinity. The painting “Reeds ~ traces on water” , painted on silk, represents a personal attribute of the latest cycle, where I tried to render the essence, the simple yet colourful atmosphere of the Delta, with the help of some colour traits; it is related somehow to the oriental calligraphy due to its minimalism. This cycle remains a starting point for this Delta case study, an investigation on water level of the vegetation reflected on it, of the marks and lines upon it.


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