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new paintings

Promenade des Anglais, Nice / oil on canvas / 100 x 100 cm / 2009

There are times which “catch” you, there are landscapes which „enchant” you and atmospheres which “embrace” you in a way which reveals long forgotten memories… such times are summer, the Mediterranean landscape and the atmosphere of the French Riviera. They all meet at this beginning of autumn in Cluj, in my simple “new paintings” or Mediterranean impressions. I can say, without emphasis, that the encounter of these three marks has made me incline towards colour beatitude and the rediscovery of emotions felt long ago. The postimpressionist landscape through the Cezannian example, the fauvism with its lyrical Dufy and tenor Matisse, the joy of life from Renoir and Bonnard’s coloured palette, together with the felt and seen blue, which veils you from everywhere, all these constitute the base of my new paintings. Three elements of the landscape become central through their repetition: the blue of the sea, the red-pink flowers of oleander and the palm tree leaves. I think all three are representative to sketch the atmosphere of those places, which cannot stop surrounding you once seen. This exhibition becomes a small station in an aquatic route, started even from the Danube Delta the last few years, from where I still show sketches and chromatic exercises, that I deliberately associate, especially to illustrate these two aquatic universes resembling in essence, but still so different.

The reflections of the reeds and water lilies on the water surface, together with the vegetal element on the blue-green of the sea.

An invitation to painting, I am waiting for you!

Opening day the 14th of September '09, between 5-8 pm

Delta, Reflections on water / oil on canvas / 50 x 30 cm / 2009

Sunt timpuri care te "prind", sunt peisaje care te "incanta" si atmosfere care te "cuprind" intr-un mod care iti trezeste amintiri de mult uitate... astfel de timpuri sunt vara, peisajul mediteraneean si atmosfera rivierei franceze. Toate isi dau intalnire, in acest inceput de toamna clujean, in ale mele simple "noi picturi" sau impresii mediteraneene. Fara emfaza pot spune ca intalnirea cu aceste trei repere m-a aplecat inspre o beatitudine a culorii si a redescoperirii unor emotii demult simtite. Peisajul postimpresionist prin exemplul cezannian, fovismul cu al sau liric Dufy si tenor Matisse, bucuria vietii din paleta coloristica al lui Renoir si Bonnard impreuna cu albastrul simtit si vazut, care te invaluie din toate partile, toate acestea constituie baza noilor mele picturi. Trei elemente din peisaj devin centrale prin repetitia lor: albastrul marii, florile rosii-roz de leandru si frunzele de palmier. Toate trei consider ca sunt reprezentative pentru a creiona atmosfera acelor locuri, care nu pot sa nu te invaluie odata privite. Aceasta expozitie devine o mica statie dintr-un parcurs acvatic inceput inca din Delta Dunarii in anii trecuti, din care mai prezint si acum schite si exercitii cromatice, pe care voit le alatur tocmai pentru a ilustra aceste doua universuri acvatice in esenta asemanatoare, dar totusi atat de diferite. Reflexiile trestiilor si nuferilor pe suprafata apei, alaturi de elementul vegetal pe albastrul-verzui al marii. O invitatie la pictura, va astept!

Claudiu Presecan

+ 40 (0) 745591560

Vernisajul 14 septembrie '09, orele 17-20

Galeria de arta HIM Casa de licitatii, Str. Axente Sever nr 14 A Cluj-Napoca

(cart. A. Muresanu, langa Il Caffe)

deschisa intre orele 9-17 / Sambata - Duminica inchis.

14 – 30 Septembrie 2009


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Self-portrait with a fish!

soft pastels on paper / 100 x 70 cm / 2015

Watermark @ Artfooly, the Slice of Art Gallery - Bucharest 2015

Bucharest 2015
Painter Claudiu Presecan was born in Cluj in 1969, where he lives and works. It was also in Cluj that he graduated from the “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of visual arts, obtained his Master’s Degree and PhD in visual arts. Claudiu has an impressive exhibition portfolio, as well as numerous national and international grants and awards. Claudiu Presecan is in love with nature, a passionate fly-fisherman, and a supporter of environmental protection. Above all, he is a painter with a preference for the abstract, who often paints in plein-air and who transfers nature onto his canvases in his own manner, which seduces through color and brushstrokes. Out of all the elements, water is the one that influences him the most, materializing in spectacular works. Claudiu uses his brush to lay traces, shades and surprising visual effects on water surfaces, a style which has become the artist’s personal mark. “Watermark”, the summer show at Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery brings to the pu…

Pictura Claudiu Presecan @Targul de arta contemporana Art Safari 2015

Aflat la a 2-a editie, Targul de Arta Contemporana Art Safari din Bucuresti este organizat anul acesta la Cladirea Ciclop, in perioada 13-17 mai.
Va invit sa vizitati standul galeriei Artfooly deschis la etajul 3, unde voi expune o parte dintre cele mai recente tablouri ale mele, alaturi de lucrari ale sculptorului Dan Istrate.

Programul de vizitare Art Safari:

Miercuri, 13 mai, orele 12.00 – 21.00

Joi, 14 mai, orele 12.00 – 21.00

Vineri, 15 mai, orele 12.00 – 21.00

Sâmbătă, 16 mai, orele 12.00 – 04.00 (Noaptea muzeelor)

Duminică, 17 mai, orele 12.00 – 21.00

Mai multe detalii despre eveniment sunt disponibile pe